XLV. Session handling functions

To configure the session managment system in PHP4 you can use the following entries in your php.ini:

session_save_path = "/tmp"
session_auto_start = 0 
session_lifetime = 0 ; lifetime in seconds
; 0 means to only use session cookies (as long as browser is open)

<?=sid> is a shortcut for the session id parameter to add to a URL so the session can be preserved without using cookies. (It is equivalent to <? echo session_name() . "=" . session_id();.

Note: Session handling was added in PHP 4.0.

Table of Contents
session_start — Initialize session data
session_destroy — Destroys all data registered to a session
session_name — Get and/or set the current session name
session_module_name — Get and/or set the current session module
session_save_path — Get and/or set the current session save path
session_id — Get and/or set the current session id
session_register — Register a variable with the current session
session_unregister — Unregister a variable from the current session
session_is_registered — Find out if a variable is registered in a session
session_decode — Decodes session data from a string
session_encode — Encodes the current session data as a string