PHP Manual

Stig Sæther Bakken
Alexander Aulbach
Egon Schmid
Jim Winstead
Lars Torben Wilson
Rasmus Lerdorf
Zeev Suraski

Edited by

Stig Sæther Bakken


Date: 1999-08-07

Table of Contents
About this Manual
I. Getting Started
1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Configuration
4. Security
II. Language Reference
5. Basic syntax
6. Types
7. Variables
8. Constants
9. Expressions
10. Operators
11. Control Structures
12. Functions
13. Classes and Objects
III. Features
14. Error handling
15. Creating GIF images
16. HTTP authentication with PHP
17. Cookies
18. Handling file uploads
19. Using remote files
20. Connection handling
21. Persistent database connections
IV. Function Reference
I. Adabas D functions
II. Apache-specific functions
III. Array functions
IV. Aspell functions
V. Arbitrary precision mathematics functions
VI. Calendar functions
VII. ClibPDF functions
VIII. Date and Time functions
IX. Database (dbm-style) abstraction layer functions
X. dBase functions
XI. dbm functions
XII. Directory functions
XIII. Dynamic Loading functions
XIV. Program Execution functions
XV. Forms Data Format functions
XVI. filePro functions
XVII. Filesystem functions
XVIII. Functions related to HTTP
XIX. Hyperwave functions
XX. Image functions
XXI. IMAP functions
XXII. PHP options & information
XXIII. Informix functions
XXIV. InterBase functions
XXV. LDAP functions
XXVI. Mail functions
XXVII. Mathematical functions
XXVIII. Encryption functions
XXIX. Hash functions
XXX. Miscellaneous functions
XXXI. mSQL functions
XXXII. Microsoft SQL Server functions
XXXIII. MySQL functions
XXXIV. Sybase functions
XXXV. Network functions
XXXVI. NIS functions
XXXVII. ODBC functions
XXXVIII. Oracle 8 functions
XXXIX. Oracle functions
XL. Perl-compatible Regular Expression functions
XLI. PDF functions
XLII. PostgreSQL functions
XLIII. Regular expression functions
XLIV. Semaphore and shared memory functions
XLV. Session handling functions
XLVI. Solid functions
XLVII. SNMP functions
XLVIII. String functions
XLIX. URL functions
L. Variable functions
LI. Vmailmgr functions
LII. WDDX functions
LIII. Compression functions
LIV. XML parser functions
V. Appendixes
A. Migrating from PHP/FI 2.0 to PHP 3.0
B. PHP development
C. The PHP Debugger