Using Microsoft FrontPage with Per-User Webs

Per-user webs are webs located in users' home directories, typically in a directory with a name like "public-html". (FrontPage uses whatever subdirectory you have set in the server's configuration file as the per-user web directory.) FrontPage allows you to create per-user webs. To do this, create webs prefixed with the "~" character (for example, ~fred).

Note, however, that the FrontPage Server Extensions run under a single user account (the one the HTTP server's CGI scripts run as). Therefore, this can cause some file-access conflicts: FrontPage may not be able to write into the per-user web directory; even if it can, users may not be able to read or modify files from their UNIX logins that were created with FrontPage.

If you want to use FrontPage to modify per-user webs, do one of the following when setting up per-user webs: