Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Version 2.0 for Netscape Servers


Read this file in conjunction with the README file that came with the release. Start with the README file and refer here for installation instructions and server-specific issues.

Versions Supported

The FrontPage Server Extensions support Netscape Communications Server 1.12, Netscape Commerce Server 1.12, Netscape FastTrack Server 2.0, and Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0.

Installing Netscape

  1. Mount the CD-ROM and change to the appropriate directory for your platform.
  2. Copy the httpd.tar file from the CD-ROM to the directory in which you want to install the program.
  3. Untar the release. For example, if you have space under the /www directory:
    cd /www
    tar xvof httpd.tar       
  4. Change to the httpd directory.
  5. Change into install directory (so you are now in the httpd/install directory).
  6. Run ./ns-setup. You must be logged in as root or else you will get error messages.
  7. Set the "Server User" to reflect your FrontPage user.
  8. Configure per-directory configuration files (for access control):
    1. Infer base directory from URL
    2. File name = ".nsconfig"
    3. Search subdirectories for configuration files

    For more information see the "Netscape Commerce and Communication Servers Installation and Reference Guide."

  9. Make sure the FrontPage user has read/write permissions on the configuration files: magnus.conf and obj.conf.

Netscape Server Issues

  1. When installing the FrontPage server extensions, the FrontPage server administrator will ask for the name of your configuration file. Give the name of your magnus.conf file.
  2. You cannot set a web to be restricted to valid end-users only. If you do set this, you will get a message that says "This server does not support restricting end user access."