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4.01) Where can I find what all of these acronyms mean?

An archive of telecommunication related files are maintained on in the telecom-archives sub directory.  There is a
glossary of general telecom acronyms, as well as an ISDN specific

jms@romana.Tymnet.COM (Joe Smith) asks: (Peter M. Weiss)

4.02) What are the relevant standards?

There are numerous ITU-T (formerly CCITT) standards on ISDN.
References in the book bibliography (especially Stallings and appendix
B of Kessler) contain more details.

(aka I.441) "ISDN User-Network Interface Data Link Layer Specifications", 1988
             The D channel protocol. Found in Blue book Fascicle VI.10

(aka I.451) "ISDN User-Network Interface Layer 3 Specification for Call control
            1988. The messages that are sent over the D channel to set up
            calls, disconnect calls etc. Found in Blue book Fascicle VI.11
    Q.930: General Overview
    Q.931: Basic ISDN call control
    Q.932: Generic procedures for the control of ISDN supplementary services
    Q.933: Frame Mode Call Control
    Q.2931 (ex-Q.93B): B-ISDN Call control

G.711: Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) of Voice Frequencies

G.722: 7-kHz Audio Coding Within 64 kbit/s

G.728: Coding of Speech at 16 kbit/s Using Low-Delay Code Excited
       Linear Prediction (LD-CELP)

H.320: Narrow-band Visual Telephone Systems and Terminal Equipment

H.221: Frame Structure for a 64 to 1920 kbit/s Channel in Audiovisual

H.230: Frame Synchronous Control and Indication Signals for Audiovisual Systems

H.242: System for Establishing Communications Between Audiovisual Terminals
       Using Digital Channels up to 2 Mbit/s

H.261: Video Codec for Audiovisual Services at p x 64 kbits/s

H.243: Basic MCU Procedures for Establishing Communications Between Three or
       More Audiovisual Terminals Using Digital Channels Up to 2 Mbit/s

I.2xy      "ISDN Frame Mode Bearer Services", 1990

I.310      ISDN - Network Functional Principles
I.320      ISDN protocol reference model
I.324      ISDN Network Architecture
I.325      Reference configs for ISDN connection types
I.330      ISDN numbering and addressing principles
I.331      Numbering plan for ISDN (and several more in I.33x relating
           to numbering and addressing and routing)
I.340      ISDN connection types
I.350/351/352    refer to performance objectives
I.410-412   refer to user-network interfaces
           as do I.420 and 421
I.430/430  Layer 1 specs
I.440/441  Layer 2 specs (Q.921)
I.450-452  Layer 3 specs (Q.931)
    I.450: General Overview
    I.451: Basic ISDN call control
    I.452: Extensions
I.460-465  Multiplexing and rate adaption
I.470      Relationship of terminal functions to ISDN

(aka I.463) "Support of DTE's with V Series Type Interfaces by an ISDN"
            Terminal rate adaption by bit stuffing.  C.f. V120.

(aka I465) "Support by an ISDN of Data Terminal Equipment with V series
            Type Interfaces with Provision for Statistical Multiplexing" 1990
            (This has been amended since the blue book). An alternative to

V.25bis    calling mechanism under synchronous.

ITU-T (formerly CCITT) standards can be obtained via:

    World Wide Web:                      (main page)


    E-Mail: Mail to:
            Mail body:
                 LIST /itu
                 LIST /itu/rec

    Hard Copy:

            International Telecommunication Union
            Information Services Department
            Place des Nations
            1211 Geneva 20

            TEL: +41 22 730 5554
            FAX: +41 22 730 5337
            Internet email:
            X.400 email: S=helpdesk;A=arcom;P=itu;C=ch (Oliver Jones) (Gary C. Kessler) (Sven De Kerpel) (Helge Stenstrom)

4.03) Where can I read more?

"ISDN In Perspective"
Fred R. Goldstein
ISBN 0-201-50016-7

[Ed. Note: the second edition is new...]
"ISDN: Concepts, Facilities, and Services, Second Edition"
Gary Kessler
McGraw-Hill, 1993 (2/e).
ISBN 0-07-034247-4

"Integrated Services Digital Networks: Architectures / Protocols / Standards"
Hermann J. Helgert
Addison Wesley
ISBN 0-201-52501-1

The Basic book of ISDN (second edition)
Motorola University Press
Addison-Wesley Publisching company inc.
ISBN 0-201-56374-6

A 48 pages booklet covering all basic questions on ISDN and some case
studies on the possible installation.  Can be obtained freely from
Motorola sometimes.

"Sensible ISDN Data Applications"
Jeffrey Fritz
West Virginia University Press
ISBN 0-937058-31-9

"The ISDN Literacy Book"
Gerald L. Hopkins
Addison-Wesley 1995
ISBN 0-201-62979-8
384 pages, softcover

"ISDN and Broadband ISDN with Frame Relay and ATM, 3rd edition"
William Stallings
Prentice-Hall, 1995
ISBN 0-02-415513-6

"Networking Standards: A Guide to OSI, ISDN, LAN and MAN Standards"
William Stallings

"A Catalog of National ISDN Solutions for Selected NIUF Applications"
North American ISDN User's Forum
(use NIUF information above or order via Bellcore, document GP-1, $43)
 and/or see info on anonymous ftp to above)

The 1990 ISDN Directory and Sourcebook
Phillips Publishing Inc.
7811 Montrose Road
Potomac, MD  20854
(301) 340-2100

ISDN Sourcebook
Information Gatekeepers Inc.
214 Harvard Ave,
Boston, MA  02134
(617) 232-3111
1 800 323-1088

Bellcore National ISDN Specifications
SR-NWT-002120 (National ISDN-2)
US: 1-800-521-2673, other: 1-908-699-5800

Bellcore ISDN Availability Report
WR-NWT-2102 ($103)
US: 1-800-521-2673, other: 1-908-699-5800

Bellcore ISDN Deployment Data
Special Report (SR) 2102
US: 1-800-521-2673, other: 1-908-699-5800

AT&T Technical Journal special issue on ISDN
(Volume 65, Issue 1) January/February 1986

EFFector. Issue 2.01, Issue 2.06, Issue 2.08

AT&T Documents
"AT&T 5ESS (tm) Primary Rate Interface for Generic Program 5E9"

"AT&T 5ESS (tm) Customer ISDN Basic Rate Interface Specifications
5E8 & 5E9 Generic Programs"

"5ESS( Switch National ISDN Basic Rate Interface
Specification - 5E8 Software Release"
AT&T document number 235-900-341

"5ESS( Switch ISDN Basic Rate Interface
Specification - 5E7 Software Release" {Custom BRI}
AT&T document number 235-900-331

"5ESS( Switch ISDN Primary Rate Interface
Specification - 5E7 Software Release"
AT&T document number 235-900-332

"5ESS( Switch Interface Specification to a
Packet Switched Public Data (X.75) Network -
5E8 Software Release"  [as in CCITT X.75]
AT&T document number 235-900-317

"5ESS( Switch X.75' Intranetwork Interface
Specification - 5E8 Software Release"
  [as in Bellcore's TR-000310]
AT&T document number 235-900-325

"5ESS( Switch Documentation Description
and Ordering Guide"
  [list/description of 5ESS documents]
AT&T document number 235-001-001

AT&T documents ordering:
1-800-432-6600 USA
1-800-225-1242 Canada
+1 317 352-8557 elsewhere

AT&T Customer Information Center
Order Entry
2855 N. Franklin road
Indianapolis, IN 46219
(317) 352-8484 (fax)

Northern Telecom Documents
Northern Telecom DMS-100 (tm)
Primary Rate Access User Interface Specification
(Issue 5 = BCS35, Issue 6 = BCS36)
NIS A211-1

Northern Telecom DMS-100 (tm)
Basic Rate User Network Interface Specifications
NIS S208-6

NTI ordering info:

Northern Telecom
PO Box 13010, Dept. 6611
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

"ISDN for Dummies"
David Angell
IDG Books Worldwide
ISBN 1-56884-331-3
332 pages, softcover


4.04) Can I get on-line National ISDN information from Bellcore?

Information about National ISDN is now available by anonymous FTP (File
Transfer Protocol) over the Internet at host "". FTP
allows the retrieval of formatted documents and software.

The rest of this document assumes that you have access to a machine
connected to the Internet that supports FTP, and that you have a system
that can print both ASCII formatted documents and PostScript formatted

The files are available in PostScript through anonymous FTP from
"" in the /pub/ISDN sub directory.

I M P O R T A N T:  Many of the files are large, it is essential
that you first get the README (the upper case is important) file
for detailed information on retrieving various files associated with

The following text describes a typical anonymous FTP session:

  system: ftp 
  Connected to
  220 info FTP server (SunOS 4.1) ready.
  Name: anonymous 
  331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
  230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
  ftp> cd /pub/ISDN 
  250 CWD command successful.
  ftp> mget README 
  mget README? yes 
  200 PORT command successful.
  150 ASCII data connection for README (8758 bytes).
  226 ASCII Transfer complete.
  local: README remote: README
  8943 bytes received in 0.19 seconds (46 Kbytes/s)
  ftp> quit 
  221 Goodbye.

 represents pressing the "enter" or "return" key on your
computer keyboard.

The README file is in ASCII format and may be read with most word
processors.  The other files in the directory are in PostScript format
and may be downloaded as needed by using the "mget" command while in
the FTP.

You should determine your local procedure for printing PostScript
documents.  For example, on many UNIX systems, PostScript files may be
printed on a PostScript printer by using the "lpr" command. A typical
Post Script print command may look like:

    lpr -P -h -v 

     represents printer name accessable to your system, and
     represents a PostScript file.

    '-h' corresponds to the option of suppressing the printing of
    burst page while '-v' corresponds to the option of printing
    raster image, i.e., PostScript. Please note that the printer
    must support PostScript imaging model in order to print these

Some systems are configured to detect PostScript formatted files
automatically, so a command to print the documents on that kind
of system is:

    lpr -P 

If you have problems or you'd like to comment on the information
stored at this site or wish to make recommendations for future
enhancements, you can send email to:

Or, call the Bellcore's National ISDN Hotline: 1-800-992-ISDN

A recent visit to the system revealed the following directories:

CATALOG:        NIUF (National ISDN User's Forum) catalog:
                "A Catalog of National ISDN Solutions for Selected NIUF
                Applications, Second Edition." [Ed: lots of big files,
                but some great info - chapter 4 is hundreds of pages of
                ISDN product/vendor information]
CONTACTS:       List of ISDN contacts at various Regional Bell Operating
DEPLOYMENT:     Currently empty but being worked on
EVENTS:         Info about the "ISDN Solutions '94" event
NATIONAL_ISDN:  Bellcore document SR-NWT-2006, "National ISDN"
                [Ed: Requires Apple's Laser Prep; e.g., //
                tex-archive/dviware/psprint/vms/, in many
                cases when a non-Apple printer is being used]
README:         The Read Me File
TARIFF:         Currently empty but being worked on (sohl, william h)
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